About Us

DAMGeeks empowers its customers by making DAM and MarTech solutions approachable.
Our focus is singular, understand and simplify your process to make it easier for you.

DAMGeeks Ltd. was born of a desire help users of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and MarTech platforms optimize asset creation and curation. Effective management of digital assets allows organizations to gain value from the investment made in developing rich media assets. Diligent tagging allows users of both DAM and the downstream systems to easily and efficiently find the assets needed to achieve their goals. Because DAM systems are the pillar of any MarTech ecosystem, they must be configured properly for them to drive efficiencies and reduce waste through streamlined workflows and automation of manual tasks. By configuration workflows that take advantage of the tools available by way of your DAM and MarTech solutions, your organization will be able to maximize value derived from your assets.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, DAMGeeks Ltd. works with clients globally to them improve process using best practices gained during more than 20 years of DAM cusulting and system delivery.

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