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Consulting refers to the practice of providing expert advice and guidance to individuals or organizations seeking to improve their performance or solve problems. Consultants are hired by clients to help them identify and address a wide range of issues, from strategic planning and organizational development to financial management and marketing.

Don't Force a Square Peg: Choosing the Right DAM Tool for Your Needs - an image generated by Gemni showing a rectangular block of wood beside a round hole in a circular token.

Don’t Force a Square Peg:

Explore the limitations of using general tools like Canva or Airtable for digital asset management (DAM). Learn why dedicated DAM platforms offer key advantages like metadata tagging, advanced search, and seamless distribution capabilities. Get insights from a real-world client story on how an enterprise DAM solution can streamline processes, improve...

Canadian flag in the wind against a blue sky. - Incorporation options in Canada - What is right for you?

Incorporation options in Canada – What is right for you?

"There are many options for incorporation in Canada, what is the right one for you?"

Incorporating in Canada

As a new business owner with a limited budget, I used Google as my friendly neighborhood information source to get a grasp of how to navigate the waters of incorporation most easily and cost-effectively...

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